Animals – opakování


    • spoj obrázky se slovem: grass – tráva, leaves – listy, herbs – byliny, fruit – ovoce, vegetables zelenina, fly – moucha, meat – maso
    • Odpověz na otázky: A bear is a wild animal. It eats meat. It has got a brown colour. It is a big and dangerous animal.A cow is a farm animal. It eats grass and herbs. It has a black and white colour. It gives us milk. A crocodile is a wild animal. It is green. it eats meat. It is dangerous animal. A dolphon is a wild animal. It eats fish. It is grey. It is intelligent. It can jump. A frog is a wild animal. It eats flies and insects. It is green. it is small and it can jump.
    • Napiš co nejvíce zvířat, na které si vzpomeneš
    • Popiš jedno zvíře svému kamarádovi.


Animals – opakování

1. Match words to the pictures:

 Fly            grass                vegetables       fruit          herbs          leaves           meat


fruit meat fly


2. Talk about these animals. Answer these questions:


Is it a farm animal or a wild animal?
What does this animal eat?
What colour does this animal have?
Is it big / strong / clever / dangerous?
Can it swim / fly / climb /jump?


3. Write as many animals as you can remember.
4. Describe one of the animal to your friend.

 PDF: animals_opakovani

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