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Present perfect

pracovní list – vysvětlení

Present perfect

I                                   seen it.
You         have           played games.
We                              done my work.
They                            been to Prague.He                               left the home.
She        has               met a film star.
It                                  finished.
       – děj, který začal v minulosti a dosud trvá
I have known him for ten years.
zkušenost, zážitky
I have been to Japan twice.
děj, který se udál v nedávné minulosti a má následek do přítomnosti
Tom has broken his leg.
Jane has just arrived home.
V otázce začínající How long…?
How long have they known each other?

 1. Match the Czech and English words:

dosud               Mnohokrát            už              nikdy                předtím            ještě

Many times      already                        so far,yet        before             never                ever

2. Underline PRESENT PERFECT. Translate the sentences:
a. I have seen that movie twenty times.
b. I think I have met him once before.
c. There have been many earthquakes in California.
d. People have not traveled to Mars.
e. Have you read the book yet?
f. Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.

3. What is the past participle? Doplň 3.tvar těchto sloves:
Win______, drink______, meet_______, do________, see_______. fly______
Ride______, write______, read_______, hear_______, be_______, go_______
Fall______, eat________, have_______, send_______, speak______, find____
know_____, leave_______, make______, take_______, run_______, buy_____

a. I____________________(win) a competition twice.
b. You__________________(drink) an alcohol.
c. She__________________(meet) my father.
d. He___________________(do) his homework.
e. We___________________(see) a film star.
f. They__________________(fly) in a plane.
g. I_____________________(ride) a horse.
h. They__________________(write) an e-mail.
i. He____________________(be) to New Zealand.
j. You___________________(eat) an octopus.
k. We___________________(run) ten kilometres.

 5. What words are typical for PAST TENSE or PRESENT PERFECT
already, in 2001, yet, yesterday, since, last Tuesday, never, a week ago, two days ago, ever


 6. Where is PAST TENSE or PRESENT PERFECT? Underline it
I was there a year ago.                            X      I have already been there.
He visited his mum last Monday.         X      He hasn´t visited his mum yet.
We lived there in 2001.                           X     We have never lived there.
I didn´t watch TV yesterday.                  X      I haven´t watched TV yet.
He did the homework two days ago.     X     He has already done his homework.

 7. Answer. Guess what had answered your friend and then check it:
                                                                            you                       your friend
a. Have you flown in a plane?_____________________________________
b. Have you baked a cake?_______________________________________
c. Have you swum in a river?_____________________________________
d. Have you killed an animal?_____________________________________
e. Have you lost your vallet?______________________________________
f. Have you sent a letter?________________________________________

Zahraj si hru „Lodě“:
zaškrtni 5 různých políček v tabulce. Potom zjišťuj, jaká políčka si zaškrtl soused,
Have you flown to a space? – soused odpoví: Yes, I have (potom hraješ ještě jednou)
No, I haven´t (potom hraje soused)
  Have Mum and Dad kissed a film star? Yes, they have. / No, they haven´t.
Has Charles been to Hawai?                Yes, he has. / No, he hasn´t.
Has Jane played in a casino?              Yes, she has./ No, she hasn´t……


PDF: 02-Present_perfec1

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Present perfect by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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