03 – Present perfect


1. Match the English sentence to the Czech translation:

  1. He has been on the radio.                           A. Minulý týden byl v rádiu.
  2. He was on the radio last week.                  B. Už byl i v rádiu.
  3. I´ve been in some plays at the theatre.    C. Už jsem hrál v divadelních hrách.
  4. I was in some plays at the theatre.            D. Hrál jsem v divadelních hrách.
  5. I´ve seen films with Angelina Jolie.          E. Už viděla filmy s Angelinou Jolie.
  6. I saw a film yesterday.                                  F. Včera jsem viděl film.
  7. She´s visited Cambodia.                              G. Ona byla v Kambodži.
  8. She was in Cambodia.                                  H. Ona už byla v Kambodži.
  9. He´s won several races.                                I. On vyhrál několik cen
  10. He won several races.                                   J. On už vyhrál několik cen.

 2. Answer the questions

a. Have you ever seen UFO?
b. Have you been on the radio?
c. Have you ever won a race?
d. Have you talked to a famous person?
e. Have you ever visited Germany?

 3. Translate:

a. Už jsem jezdil na kole.
b. Včera jsem jezdil na kole.
c. Moje matka už vylezla na horu.
d. Moje matka vylezla na hory minulé prázdniny.
e. Oni už hráli šachy.
f. Před týdnem hráli šachy.
g. Moji kamarádi už potkali filmovou hvězdu.
h. Moji kamarádi včera potkali filmovou hvězdu.


4. Put the sentences in the correct order:

a. He / never / has / his / homework / done.
b. Have / you /a famous person / talked to.
c. My mum / done / has / her work.
d. Never / I / have / chess / played.
e. They / been / never / have / to India.

 5. Make sentences with present perfect

a. You ______________/speak/ German.
b. He ______________/swim/ in the sea.
c. She ______________/break/ her leg.
d. They_____________/do/ their homework.
e. We______________/leave/ our bags in the airport.

PDF: 03-Present_perfect

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