Body clock

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Body clock


Why do you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night?

 The answer is that we all have a body clock.
Your brain produces hormones, _________1 melatonin and adrenaline, ________2 control the way your body works. The body clock controls the production of these hormones, so that your body produces _________3 at some times of the day and __________4 at other times. ___________5, you wake up and feel sleepy at different times of the day.

When light hits your eyelids in the morning, your brain __________6 the sleep hormone, melatonin, your temperature _________7and you wake up. In the evening, when it´s dark, your brain starts to produce melatonin again, and your body gets ready to go to sleep.

If you don´t get __________8 sleep, you will feel tired the next day. __________9 a _________________10, most teenagers say that they don´t get enough sleep. they need about nine hours, but they normally only get about seven hours. ___________11, teenagers say that they go to bed at about 10 or 10.30 in the evnening and they get up at 7 or 7.30. That´s nine hours, so why don´t they get enough sleep?

The problem is that the body clock doesn´t stay the same all _________12 your life. When you´re a child, your body clock wakes you up naturally at about 7 o´clock, but when you ___________13 a ___________14, your body clock changes. The natural time for a teenager to wake up is 9 o´clock in the morning and the natural time to go to sleep is ___________15. When you become an adult, the body clock will go back to the early time again. _____________16 don´t really understand why this happens, but it does.

Dennis, 14, is one of the teenagers in the survey. „I go to bed at 10.15 every night, but I don´t get nine hours sleep,“ says Dennis. „I know that I won´t go to sleep if I switch the light off ___________17. So, I normally read and listen to music or the radio till about midnight. My parents don´t understand. When I´m awake in the evening, they say, „Go to bed.“ Then at 7.30 in the morning when I´m asleep, they say, „Get up.“

Another teenager in the survey, Anita, says: „It´s bad for me in England. I start school at 9 o´clock, but it´s __________18 for my friend, Suzie, in the USA. She starts school at 7 o´clock!“


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