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Stone soup

Zpracovaná pohádka Stone soup z učebnice Project2, third edition.


                Stone soup


One day a tramp came to an old woman´s house.
„________1me,“ said the tramp. „I´m ___________2. Have you got anything to eat?“
But the old woman was very mean.
„Go away,“ she said. „I haven´t got __________3 for you.“
said the tramp, „well, have you got_______________4? You see, I´ve got a magic stone and I can make soup with it. But I need _________5 water.“
„A magic stone, eh?“
said the mean old woman. „Yes, I´ve got some water.“

She fetched a big__________6 of water and put it on the cooker. The tramp put the stone into it. After a while he tasted the soup.
„Mmmm. It´s very good,“ he said. „Have you got any______________7?“
The old woman fetched some salt and proper.
„Mmmm. That´s better,“ said the tramp. „It really needs some___________8. It´s a pity you haven´t got any vegetables.“
„Oh, I can find some vegetables,“
said the old woman. She ran into a garden and brought back some__________9,______________10,_____________, and a big_________11. The tramp put the vegetables into the _______________12.
„It it ready now?“ asked the old woman.
„Almost,“ said the tramp. „It really needs some meat. It´s a pity you haven´t got __________13.
„Oh, I can find some meat,“
said the old woman. She ran to the cella and came back with some ham, and some sausages. The tramp put them into the _____________14.
„Right,“ said the tramp after a while. „I can´t see the stone now, so the soup is ready. Brad is very good with stone soup. It´s a pity you haven´t got any_______15.“
„Oh, I can find some __________16
,“ said the woman. She went to the cupboard and fetched a loaf of bread, some_________17 and a bottle of_______18. She put them on the table with some ________19, __________20 and __________21.
„Mmm, this is delicious,“ said the old woman when she _________22 the soup. „And you made it with just that magic_________23.“ The tramp smiled, picked up his ________24 and cut another slice of bread.

PDF:  Stone_soup

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Stone soup by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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