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A Gift for Mama

A Gift for Mama

(A play for Mother’s Day)


family, purse, love, dog, boy, girl,sister, brother, gift, three, mother,surprise


Practice the “th”sound:

three, mother, Samantha, Timothy,

brother, thought.


a living room in a home of the characters

outside the home in the garden


Narrator, Samantha, Timothy, Mother, Junior

(a German Shepherd dog)


NARRATOR:       It istwo weeks before Mother’s Day. Samantha and Tim, her
brother, are talking with each other.

SAMANTHA: Mother’s Day will be in two weeks, Tim. What gift can we give to Mother?

TIM:                     I don’t know . Let’s ask Junior.

Hey, Junior, what would Mama like for a gift?

JUNIOR:              WOOF, WOOF, WOOF….

SAMANTHA:      You are so silly. Dogs don’t talk.

TIM:                     Yes, they do. Junior, what did you say? Tell me again.

JUNIOR:              WOOF, WOOF, WOOF….

TIM:                     See, Samantha…Juniorspoke……in dog talk.

SAMANTHA:     Yes, but what doesit mean?

Let’s go ask Mama whatshe wantsfor a Mother’s Day gift..

BOTH CHILDREN:             MAMA! MAMA! (Mother walks quickly into the room.)

MOTHER:            Issomething wrong, Samantha and Timothy?

BOTH CHILDREN:             We want to know what gift you want for Mother’s Day.

MOTHER:            Hmmm… Let me think for a minute. Hmmmmm… I know
what I would like!

BOTH CHILDREN:             What? Tell us, please!

MOTHER:            I would love something that you make with your own

SAMANTHA: But, like what, Mama. Give us an idea.

MOTHER:            No, you need to decide for yourselves. I like surprises.

NARRATOR:        Samantha and Tim went outside to sit with Junior and to think.

BOTH CHILDREN:             What can we make? What can we make?

JUNIOR:              WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

NARRATOR:       The two children, with their dog, Junior,sat, and sat, and
thought, and thought.

SAMANTHA:      I have a great idea, Tim!

TIM:                     What isit ?

SAMANTHA:      Why don’t we make Mama a cute little purse out of paper?

TIM:                     What willshe do with a paper purse? That’s a silly idea!

SAMANTHA:      It will not be just an ordinary purse. It will be a special purse with a special note inside.

TIM:                     What kind of a note?

SAMANTHA:      A note with the best words a mother wantsto hear.

TIM:                     Mama said that anything made with love is a great gift.

SAMANTHA:      We will make a paper purse, and put a note inside that we write with gold orsilver ink.

TIM:                     What will we write on the note?

SAMANTHA:      The nicest three wordsin English…..

TIM:                    What words ?



TIM:                     Did you listen, Samantha? Junior just barked “I LOVE YOU.”

NARRATOR:      Tim and Samantha worked quietly.              When they were done making the purse, they took a pen with gold ink, and two pieces of paper that they cut into two heart shapes. On one heart Samantha wrote: “I LOVE YOU, MAMA, Love, Samantha”. On the other heart Tim wrote: “I LOVE YOU MAMA, Love, Tim.”

SAMANTHA:     Let’s put these away until Mother’s Day, Tim.

TIM:                     OK. Samantha.

NARRATOR: The two weeksflew quickly. On Mother’s Day, Mother received the little paper purse her children made. She wasso happy when she saw the two notesinside.

MOTHER:            I love you , too, Samantha and Tim. Thisisthe best gift I could ever receive!

JUNIOR:              WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!


TIM: I told you Junior could talk!


PDF: A_Gift_for_Mama

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 A Gift for Mama by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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