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Loretta, the Lady Bug

Loretta, the Lady Bug


fly, walk, crawl, ladybug, swim, bug, worm, big, brown, curious, yellow, duck, eating, black


a park


Narrator, Loretta the lady bug,

Miss Worm, yellow Duck,

a small group of children


NARRATOR:       Loretta was a red and black lady bug. She was a friendly bug. Children played with Loretta, watching her crawl up and down their arms. She wasthe favorite of the children because she wasso friendly. Loretta is walking in the park. She is curious. She sees a brown worm.

LORETTA:            Hi, Miss Worm. Do you play with the children?

MISS WORM:     No. Children do not like me. They say, ‘icky.. icky’ when they see me.

LORETTA:            Thank you. Bye, Miss Worm. I will keep walking.

LORETTA:            Hi, Duck. Do you play with children?

YELLOW DUCK: No, no, no!! When Iswim, they try to catch me. Little children hold me too tightly. It hurts me and bends my feathers. When I am eating, they throw food at me and hit my head with pieces of bread.

LORETTA:            OK., Duck, BYE. I am going to walk some more.

NARRATOR:       Loretta decided thatshe did not want to be with the worms. She did not want to be with the ducks. Loretta wanted to be with the children. She loved to crawl near the children. She loved to have the children talk to her…

A GROUP OF CHILDREN:              Here’s Loretta! Look at Loretta.

Isn’tshe just the most beautiful bug you have ever seen? Loretta, you are so cute!

NARRATOR: Loretta was so proud, and she was so happy to be with the children again. Everyone

wants to be loved, even Loretta, the lady bug.

PDF: Loretta

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Loretta, the Lady Bug by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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