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Stopovaná 3

1. Přelož tyto časové údaje

Yesterday        a week ago       last Monday     two days ago    last year          ten years ago


2. What is wrong? Oprav chyby:

I play PC games yesterday. ______________________________________________
You didn´t lived in Prague.______________________________________________
He watchd TV an hour ago.______________________________________________
She tryed to learn English._______________________________________________
Did you liked bananas?_________________________________________________
My friend danceed on Sunday.____________________________________________


   3. Nepravidelná slovesa. Make past tense

be                    buy                  come                do                    drink                eat                   get



   4. Make past tense

go                    have                 make                read                 ride                 run                   say


   5. Make past tense

see                   sing                  sit                    swim                take                 tell


6. Jak se tvoří minulý čas u nepravidelných sloves?

+   I_________(drink) beer yesterday.               He ___________(swim) in the sea.
–   You _____________(not drink) whisky.      He _____________(not swim) in the pond.
?    ___________you _________tea? (drink)     ______he_______in the lake? (swim)


7. Přelož tyto slova:

expensive                    cheap              fair hair                       dark hair         fast      slow


8. Vymysli opak k těmto slovům:

beautiful                     tall                   warm               old                  interesting


9. Přelož tato slova:

spoon                          plate                knife               fork                 cup


10. Jak seřadíš tento recept, aby byl správný postup?

a. Take two cups of flour and give it to the bowl.
b. Put everything into an oven and bake it.
c. prepare a bowl
d. Put dough in the small paper baskets and give it on the baking sheet.
e. Add one cup of sugar
f. Add a baking powder.
g. Mix everything.
h. Add one egg.
i.  Add half cup of an oil.
j. Add one spoon of cocoa.

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Stopovaná 3 by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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