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Stopovaná 1

Question one:


Think about food beginning with these letters:

A__________, C_____________,D______________, E___________, G______________,

T____________, M______________, P__________________, S_____________________


Question two:

What is it?

  1. It is a room in a house. You can wash your hands here, you can have a shower here.
  2. It is an animal, a pet. It is not a cat and it eats meat.
  3. It is outside houses. There are trees and flowers.
  4. You can write with it, you have it in your school bag for writing tests.
  5. It flys on the ski, it is not a bird. You can travel with it to America, Asia, Australia…


Question three:

What is missing?

  1. I_______writing books now.
  2. He_______eating his breakfast now.
  3. She _________having a shower now.
  4. We_______shopping now.
  5. They________learning English now.


Question four:

What is missing?

  1. Where________you from?
  2. What_____your name?
  3. How old___________you?
  4. How_______you?
  5. What_____ the weather like today?


Question five:

What cloth beginning with these letters?

B____________, C_____________, F___________________, J___________________,

S_______________, T_______________, W____________________


Question six:

Write answers.

What do you usually do in the morning?


What do you usually do in the afternoon?


What do you usually do in the evening?



Question seven:


  1. snídat
  2. obědvat
  3. večeřet
  4. sprchovat se
  5. koupat se


Question eight:


  1. procvičovat
  2. potřebovat
  3. chtít
  4. pomoci
  5. zkusit


Question nine:

Jak tvoříme minulý čas z těchto sloves?

  1. I visit_________ my grandmum.
  2. You watch__________TV yesterday.
  3. They play__________tennis yesterday.
  4. My dad travel____ to Germany by car.
  5. I talk_____to my friends yesterday.



Question ten:

Jaké jsou tvary těchto nepravidelných sloves?

  1. to be
  2. to have
  3. to eat
  4. to forget
  5. to swim

PDF: stopovana

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Stopovaná 1 by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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