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Louie, The Lonely Polar Bear

Louie, The Lonely Polar Bear


can, can’t,sing, polar bear, fly, birds, bears, tails, big, little, their, long,short, ice,snow, wild animals,seal, cold, igloo


Antarctica, near the South Pole


Narrators 1 and 2

Louie, a baby polar bear

La Verne, his mother

Marie, another mother polar bear

Chinook, a baby polar bear

Chinook’s daughter

Father Polar Bear, Louie’sfather

some penguins


NARRATOR 1:     Louie is a baby polar bear who lives with his Mother on the coldest continent in the world, Antarctica. Polar bears are big, with long white fur to match the snow. They have a little,short tail, and can swim very fast in the cold ocean water.

NARRATOR 2:    Louie has no brothers. He has no sisters. He has no friends because no other bearslive near Louie’sfamily. Hisfather had gone to hunt food. Maybe he would come home with a seal or a big fish. Louie had no one but his mother. He was all alone when hisfather went to hunt for food. Louie wassad.

LOUIE:                  I am not big. I am notstrong. I do not eat much. I wish the other animal babies would play with me. They are all afraid because polar bears grow to be VERY big, and kill other animalsto eat.

NARRATOR:       One day, Louie saw a large group of penguins.

LOUIE:                 Wow! Maybe one of those baby penguins can be my friend!

GROUP OF BABY PENGUINS:     Run! Run! There’s a polar bear. He may try to kill and eat
us! RUN!

NARRATOR:       Louie wassad. He went home to see his mother.

LOUIE:                 Mama…the baby penguinsran away from me. I will never have any friends.

LA VERNE:          Someday, Louie, you will have a chance to have a good friend. Be patient.

NARRATOR:       Two dayslater, Louie’s mother was all excited, and called him.

LA VERNE:          Louie, Louie. Guess what?

LOUIE:                 What, Mother?

LA VERNE:          A new polar bear family has moved to our part of the glacier… a mother polar bear and her baby.

NARRATOR:       Louie and his mother began to walk to the otherside of the glacier. They saw a mother polar bear with a small cub. They did notsee the father bear,so they carefully and slowly went towardsthe mother and her baby.Plays for Young English Learners

LA VERNE:          Hello………

MARIE:                Hello. Who are you?

LA VERNE:          Thisis my son, Louie, and I am La Verne, his mother. We live near here. Who are you?

MARIE:                I am Marie, and thisis my daughter, Chinook. We moved here because hunters were bothering us. They shot Chinook’s father for his beautiful furskin. So we had to move far away
to be safe. Are there hunters near here?

LA VERNE:          No…only once or twice have we seen bear hunters. It issafer here for us. But, it is very lonely. Louie, thisis Marie and her   baby, Chinook. Maybe the two of you can become friends.

NARRATOR:       Later that day, Louie’s Father arrived home after having been away for four days, hunting. He wasswimming towards them in the open ocean. He had a huge fish he was carrying in his mouth.

LOUIE:                 Daddy, Daddy! You’re home! I missed you!

FATHER POLAR BEAR: Hello, Louie. I am happy to be home. I brought you and
your mother a big fish to eatso you will not be hungry.

LOUIE:                   Thank you, Daddy. Guess what, Daddy?


LOUIE:                   We have new neighbors, Marie and Chinook. They do not
have a Father bear to help them. Can we give them some of
our fish?

FATHER POLAR BEAR:    Of course. We will all be neighbors now, and we will help

each other.

CHINOOK:            Can we play, Louie? Can we slide on the ice together?

LOUIE:                   Oh yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Mom! I have a friend! I won’t be lonely any more!

NARRATOR:         Louie and Chinook went to slide on the ice. They became great friends, running,sliding, playing, and swimming! Louie was not lonely any more.

PDF: Louie

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Louie, The Lonely Polar Bear by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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