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The Frogs need love too

On the Road to
An EFL-Techer’s Handbook


Frogs Need Love, Too


under, behind, in, frog, frogs, in front of, children, playground, sandbox, dog, boy, grass,flowers, there is, there are, climbing, running, bugs, table, bench, love, need


a park with a pond



Fernando, King of the Frogs

Jorge, a little boy

Otherstudents, as a chorus… or form several groups of actors, all doing the

same play, at the same time… and the teacher circulates to listen to their

English fluency.


NARRATOR: Fernando was King of the frogsin his pond. Frogs eat many bugs each day, especially flies and mosquitoes. The biggest problem that frogs have isthat       no one lovesthem. They are not a favorite pet of anyone. You can not walk with them. They can not do tricks. You can not take one to bed with you, to sleep near your bed, as a dog      or a cat might do. That is why frogs are not popular pets. One day, Fernando wasin a park under a table. A boy came by and sat on the bench in front of the table.

FERNANDO:       I hope the boy goes to play in the sandbox. I do not want to scare him.
I do not want to hear him say that I am ugly and slimy.

NARRATOR:       But the boy did not leave. He sat on the bench. Fernando heard the boy softly crying.

FERNANDO:       I wonder what is wrong? Don’t be afraid of me, little boy. I will
not hurt you. I am Fernando, King of the Frogsin the pond in
this park. Who are you?

JORGE:                I’m Jorge. I am six years old. I feel lonely. I have no friends,
and no one loves me. Only my mother and my father love
me, but I have no friends.

FERNANDO:      Why not?

JORGE:                We moved here from far away. I am home because it is
summer vacation. I have not met any new children yet. I am
all alone.

FERNANDO:      You don’t have to be sad, Jorge. I will be your friend. I do
not have children for friends because
they think that I am slimy and icky. If I am your friend, Jorge,
you will not be lonely. When schoolstarts, you will make new
friends. I will be a good friend to you.

JORGE:                And I will be a good friend to you, too, because I know that
even frogs need love.

NARRATOR:       Now both Fernando and Jorge will be happy and be loved,
because they are friendsto each other.

PDF: The_Frogs_need_love_too

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 The Frogs need love too by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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