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Who lives where?


Peter: I am small and I am happy. I have got brown hair and blue eyes. I am wearing a green top with a yellow star on it and blue trousers. I am having a party today. I live in a house with two windows. It has got an orange roof and the front is green. The door is pink. I am Number ___ and my house is letter ___

Lucy: I have got a brother. I am short with blond hair. I wear my hair in bunches. I am wearing a pink top and a blue skirt. I live in a house with one window. The roof is purple and the front is blue. The door is orange. I am Number ___ and my house is letter ___

Mark: I am tall and slim. I have got black hair and brown eyes. My T- shirt is dark blue and my trousers are black. My trainers are blue. My house has got a pink roof and a blue door. The chimney is blue and black. I am Number __ and my house is letter __

Jeffrey: I am short and I am wearing a shirt and tie. I have got blond hair and I am smiling. My shirt is blue and the collar is white. I live in a house with a blue roof and it is a triangle shape. The door is green and the front is orange. I am Number __ and my house is Letter __


I am Number 4 and my house is Letter A.Describe me and my house!



I am a boy! I have got brown hair. My T-shirt is red, with a yellow pocket. My jeans are light blue and my trainers are dark blue/ I am a girl! My hair is black. My top is pink and my skirt has got purple and green stripes. My socks are yellow and my trainers are black.




I am a little princess! My hair is blond and my eyes are green. I have a pink head band. My scarf is light green and y dress is yellow. I have purple shoes. I like playing with dolls and teddies.



I like to play outside. Here I am on my scooter. My scooter is red. My hair is brown. My T-shirt is red with yellow sleeves. My pants are orange and y shoes are purple. I don’t like playing with dolls and teddies.







This is a picture of a house from a story book. You can colour is in any colours you like and then, you can describe it!


Key: Peter is 3E, Lucy 5B, Mark 2D, Jeffrey 1C


PDF: Who_lives_where

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Who lives where? by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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