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Animals, What are they doing?


3. A big animal living in a forest
5. This animal is big, lives in Pilsen´s zoo.
7. This is a farm animal. It can give us milk, but it isn´t a goat or a cow.
8. This animal is small, green, fast.
11. This animal looks like horse, but it has got stripes.
13. This animal lives in forests and it is clever.
14. This animal lives in the sea and we like it.
16. This is a farm animal. It has got long ears and it can jump.
17. This animal can swim, it is small and green.
19. This is a farm animal and gives us milk.

1. This animal lives in the river and is dangerous
2. This animal is yellow and can live some days without water
3. A flying mouse
4. This animal lives on trees and loves bananas.
6. This is a small animal. It makes nets and eats flies.
7. This animal doesn´t have legs, it is long and it eats mice.
9. This animal doesn´t live now, but we can watch them in Pilsen´s park.
10. This animal can jump very fast
12. This animal can fly and it eats small animals.
15. This animal has got long legs, can run very fast and has got wings.
18. This is a farm animal, gives us milk but it isn´t a cow.

What are they doing?





PDF: Animals

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