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Kids – The customer – listening


Manager:    Rosy, there´s a  customer waiting at that table over there.
__________1 you take his ________2 , please?
Rosy:             Yes, of__________3. Are you ready to order? Oh, hello, Mr Bent
Mr Bent:     Hello, Rosy. I didn´t expect to see you here. Shouldn´t you be ______4 today?
Rosy:            We´re all doing work experience this week. This is my last day.
We´ll be_______5 at school next week.
Mr Bent:     Have you _____6 working here?
Rosy:          Yes, I have. It´s been really_____________7 . What can I get you?
Mr Bent:     __________8 I have a salad, please?
Rosy:          Anything to drink?
Mr Bent:     I´ll have a cup of__________9 , please.
Rosy:          So, that´s a _____10 salad and a cup of tea.
Mr Bent:     Yes. Thank you. _______11 you mind bringing me a glass of water,too, please?
Rosy:          Certainly, Mr Bent.


Rosy:          Here´s your tea, Mr Bent.
Mr Bent:   Thank you. Oh, by the way, did you_________12 the tennis?…
Oh, be careful! You nearly dropped that cup and saucer.
Rosy:          Sorry, did you say tennis?
Mr Bent:   Yes, at Wimbledon. I saw you going in to watch a _____13 the other
day. Wednesday, wasn´t it?
Rosy:         Oh, yes. That´s right.
Mr Bent:   Was it a good______14 ?
Rosy:          Yes, it…it was great – very_____________15.
Mr Bent:   Unfortunately, I didn´t see any matches myself. I was there on
__________16. My company supplies strawberries for the tournament.
Rosy:          Oh, I see.
Mr Bent:   Did you have any __________17 and cream? It´s a tradition at
Wimbledon, you know.
Rosy:          No, I couldn´t _________18 them. They were a bit_____________.
Mr Bent:   Yes, I suppose so. Anyway, nice to_________19 you, rosy.
Say hello to your parents for me.
Rosy:          Yes, Mr Bent, I will. Bye.



Oh,no! I knew it was a _________20 . this is all Luke´s fault.


PDF: Kids-The_customer_listening

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