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Test 3. lekce B


Test 3.lekce B

Max. 35 points __________________






 1. Vocabulary – translate these words:

barvit vlasy __________________, oholit si hlavu_____________________

zemětřesení____________________, válka__________________________

zabít elekt.proudem_______________, spolknout______________________

Nebezpečí_____________________, Nevstupujte!____________________

  max. 8points________


2. Second conditional – make the second conditional sentences with these words:

  1. feel ill / not go to school. If I felt ill, I woudn´t go to school.
  2. shave my head/my parents go mad.________________________________
  3. have toothache/go to the dentist´s._______________________________
  4. find a wallet/ take it to the police.________________________________
  5. we move to America/be happy.___________________________________

   max. 8points________


3. What can these things do to you?

electricity  – It can elektrocute you

a cooker – _______________________________

a dog- ___________________________________

a bee- ___________________________________

  max. 3points___________


4. Imagine a perfect life. What would it be like? Use the verbs to complete the questions. Give answers that are true for you.

liveWhere would you live? I would live in Hollywood.

drive – What kind of car_______________________________________

do– What job_______________________________________________

go– _________________on holiday?_____________________________

max. 8 points___________

5. Put the letters in the correct order to make words. Then match them to their definition:

chriranue         oldof           nastium       utlopnoil      nifmae         odroant
thrugod           atreqhukea

When there is no food. __________________

A very dangerous storm.____________________

When there is water in streets and houses.______________

When the ground shakes and moves._______________________

A very large wave in the sea that comes on the land._____________

When there is no water,._________________________________

When the air or water is very dirty._______________________

A fast, strong wind that spins in a cone shape.__________________

max. 8points_________________

PDF: test_B

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Test 3. lekce B by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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