Test 3.lekce C


Test 3.lekce C

Max. 27 points __________________






 1. Vocabulary – translate these words:

ředitel/ka __________________, divný_____________________________

popel a prach___________________, záplava_________________________

válka_______________________, zápalky___________________________

nouzový východ__________________, špatně od žaludku________________

 max. 8points________

2. Second conditional – make the second conditional sentences with these words:

  1. I______________(go) surfing if I _________________(live) in Australia.
  2. If I_____________(leave) school before I am sixteen, my parents______________(not happy).
  3. If I ___________(know) her number, I __________(call) her on my mobile.
  4. I ___________(live) in Hollywood if I _________(have) money.

 max. 8points________

3. What do these signs mean?


                                                                                                                                                                           max. 3points___________


4. What could these things do to you? Write sentences with the words in the box

cut    burn    sting    bite    scratch   poison    electrocute   hit


max. 8 points___________


PDF: test_C

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