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Opakování D.


Rosy is worried

Revision of the fifth lesson D

1. Look at the pictures and answer these questions (otevři si učebnici str.62 a odpověz na otázky týkající se obrázků):

a. Where are the kids in picture 1?
b. What are they doing?
c. Who is starving?
d. Why is Rosy worried?
e. Look at the picture 2 : Who is the woman in a red T-shirt?
f. Why is Mrs Bent talking to Rosy?


2. Answer these questions according to the text: (Přečti si text a zodpověz celou větou tyto otázky):

a. Is Greg hungry?
b. Did Rosy eat her sandwich?
c. Is Anna nervous?
d. Does the headmistress know about Wimbledon?
e. Why does the headmistress want to give Rosy the price?


3. Everyday English complete the expressions from the story and translate them:


English                                                                Czech

a. How do you__________?

b. Don´t _______________

c. It´ll _________all right.

d. Just__________cool.

e. That´s easy___________you to say.

f. She won´t__________long.

g. She´s just ___________the phone.

h. What shall I _________?

i. Start_________the beginning.











4. Crossword – doplň křížovku a výrazy přelož do češtiny:


 2. My legs feel like….       ___________________________________________________
4. Just stay….___________________________________________________________
6. I´m really….__________________________________________________________
9. Come…______________________________________________________________
10. I´m …. (not the word hungry)______________________________________________
11. It´ll … all right.________________________________________________________
12. I´ve got …. in my stomach.________________________________________________

 1. How do you…?_________________________________________________________
3. My heart´s …….________________________________________________________
5. Help….______________________________________________________________
7. My hands are….________________________________________________________
8. Don´t…._____________________________________________________________
10. What…I do?__________________________________________________________


PDF: Opakovani_D_8T5L

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Opakování D. by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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