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 ANNE has got:
-three children (one son and two daughters)
-one dog
-a husband
She lives in a house.
She works as a teacher.
She is thirty-three.
Her telephone number is 375 895 245
Her surname is BLACK.
SUE has got:
-two children (one son and one daughter)
-a cat
-a husband
She lives in a flat in a town.
She works as a sales manager.
She is thirty-two.
Her telephone number is 565 252 398
Her surname is SMITH
GEORGE has got:
-no children
-a hamster and fish
-a girl-friend
He lives with his parents in a town.
He is a worker.
He is twenty-one.
His telephone number is 589 478 125
His surname is WHITE.
JACK has got:
-one daughter
-no pet
-a girl-friend
He has got a small flat in a village
He is a shop assistant
He is fourty.
His telephone number is 845 245 658
His surname is GREEN.
CHARLES has got
-one son
-a budgie
-a wife
He lives in a house in a town.
He is a police officer.
He is fifty.
His telephone number is 451 254 187
His surname is LAUB.
JIM has got:
-no children
-no pet
-a wife
He lives in a small flat.
He is a student.
He is twenty-two.
His telephone number is 548 762 351
His surname is SCOTT.
HELEN has got
-no children
-a rabbit
-a boy-friend
She lives in a flat.
She is a student.
Her telephone number is 542 136 928
Her surname is NICHOLAS.
JAMIE has got
-one daughter
-a boy-friend
She lives in a small house in a village.
She is a nurse.
Her telephnone number is 245 178 369
Her surname is QUIRK.


What is her surname? Has she got children? Has she got a pet? Is she married? Has she got a house or a flat? What is her job? What is her telephone number? What is her surname?


Anne Sue George Charles Jim Helen Jamie
telephone number

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