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Výborná konverzační hra pro skupinu 3 nebo 5 dětí. Jeden z nich je tzv. moderátor (dítě, které je nejlepší v té skupině, aby dobře vyslovovalo). Hraje ve tříčlenné skupině jeden proti jednomu, v pětičlenné dva proti dvěma. Jedna skupina si vybere písmeno, např. A. Moderátor přečte popis slova „A person who plays in a theatre or in a film. She can be famous like Angelina Jolie.“ Kdo z obou skupin řekne dřív „Actress“, vyhrává políčko pro svojí skupinu a udělá si na něj značku své skupiny. Pokračují dále a na konci hry si obě skupiny sečtou svoje vyhraná políčka a zjistí, kdo vyhrál.

A actress a person who plays in a theatre or in a film. She can be famous like Angelina Jolie.
  adress a place where you live. When somebody writes you a letter, he has to know it.
  army a group of people who wear uniforms and learn to shoot from guns.
B banana fruit which monkeys like. It is yellow.
  ball You can throw it, you can play with it.
  brother If you are a boy and you have a sister, then you are your sister´s …
C coconut It grows on a palm, it is brown like a ball and inside it is white. The milk is inside.
  chocolate It is sweet and you like it. It is usually brown.
  cigarette If you smoke, you have to buy it. It isn´t healthy.
D death If you aren´t alive, you are …. At the beginning of the life there is the birth, at the end there is a ….
  dad You have got Mum and ….
  devil You aren´t an angel, you are a …. He lives in a hell.
E error It is a mistake, something you did wrong.
  elf Small fictive people, for example in Lord of Rings
  exam At school you write tests or you are in front of the board and you have to answer teacher´s questions.
F forest A lot of trees together in one place
  fireman It is a person, who is very brave and wears a uniform. He helps people in a dangerous situation.
  facebook It is a place in Internet. People write there and send photo there. You can read their massages and watch their photos.
G goose It is a farm animal. It is white with long neck. It likes water. It isn´t a dug.
  gate When you can enter the garden, you have to go throw it. It looks like a big door.
  grapes It is fruit. Whine is made from it. It grows on warmer places, for example in Moravia.
H honey Bees make it. It is sweet and you can put it in your tea or on the slice of bread.
  hero It can be a person from the book and this book is all about him or her. It can be a person who you admire. It also can be a main actor or actress from the film.
  ham It is made from meat. You can put it on your slice of bread. You can buy it at the butcher´s.
I idea It is something that you think about. When someone says something you would like to do, you can say: „It is a good …“
  injection When you go to the doctor´s and he needs your blood for some tests. The nurse takes this and takes your blood. You don´t like it and it is painful.
  island It is an area surrounded by water. If you want to go there, you need to use a boat.
J job It is the work. If you need to earn money, you have to find this.
  jeans It is a part of your cloth. You wear it on your legs. It is a kind of trousers.
  jocker If you play cards, you have 4 of these in the packet of cards.
K kitchen It is a room in your flat, you can cook in.
  kilo It is 1000(a thousand) of grams.
  knee It is a part of the body on your leg.
L literature In a lesson of Czech language you have this. You learn about books and writers.
  laugh When you smile loudly, you … Somebody says something funny and you ….
  lake It is a place with water. It isn´t a pond. It can be very deep.
M money You pay with it. You have to work to have it.
  moon It is on the sky at night. It is a yellow ball at night.
  milk It gives us a cow or a goat.
N note When you want to play some song, you have a paper with words of this song and you need to have these to know how to sing.
  News You can watch it in the evening from half past seven to eight o´clock and you notice what have happened this day.
  nail It is on your finger. Girls can paint it with different colours. You have to cut it.
O oven It is a thing you can bake a cake in. It is in the kitchen.
  October It is a month in autumn.
  octopus It is an animal living in a sea. It has many legs.
P police This is an institution where you can go when somebody steals you something.
  picture This is a drawing on the wall.
  prison A place where are thifs and murders closed.
Q quality When you buy something you want to have it all right, you want to have a good….
  quiet You don´t speak, you aren´t loud, you are….
  question You want to ask something, you have a ….
R radio It is a thing you can listen in the car.
  racket When you play tennis, you need a ball and a ….
  reporter When you work for a radio, you speak there, you are a ….
S slippers you have it on your feet. When you enter to school, you should take off your shoes and put on your….
  sweater It is a cloth that you wear in winter. It isn´t a jumper.
  snake It is an animal with no legs.
T travelling When you visit some place or a country, you are ….
  trick When a magician makes something, for example pulls a rabbit out of a hat, he does a …. In a Halloween day children knock the door and ask: „…. or treat?“
  team You do some sport not alone, you are a …. When you play football there´s 12 players in a ….
U uniform Firemen, doctors, nurses and others wear it. It is a same clothing.
  upstairs The house has two floors. When you go from the first floor to the second, you go…
  umbrella You need it when it is raining.
V violin You can play it. It is a musical instrument.
  vegetable Carrots, cucumbers, potatoes are …. It is not fruit.
  visit When you go to your grandma´s house, you … her.
W white opposite of black
  wine An alcohol made of grapes
  waste When you don´t need it, you throw it to the rubbish bin and it is a ….
Y yoghurt a milk product
  yesterday a day ago
  year 12 months
Z zoo Place in a town or a city with animals in.
  zebra A striped horse
  zero A number before one





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