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Learning English by watching youtube 1

  1. In the village by the sea

– naučit se slovíčka, pustit filmík a podle obrázků, které budeme malovat na tabuli (house, waves, kitchen, fire, pot….) filmík převyprávět. Poté děti svůj krátký příběh napíší.

In a fishing village by the sea there is a small house. In that house high above the waves is a kitchen. In that kitchen is a bright glowing fire. In that fire is a pot of steaming noodle soup. By that soup sits a woman watching and stirring. By that woman is a sleeping child yawning and turning. By that child tucked  in the shadows is a dusty hole. In that hole is a brown cricket humming and painting. In that painting is a sudden storm roaring and flashing. In that storm is a white boat crashing and rolling. In that boat is a fisherman hoping the storm willl end soon because in his village by the sea there is a small house and in that house is a family waiting for him to come home.




above the waves, bright glowing fire, steaming noodle soup, stirring, yawning and turning, tucked in a shadow, dusty hole, brown cricket (cvrček), humming (bzučící) and painting


  1. The desk

krátký příběh – zastavovat, nechat děti předvídat situaci, vyprávět, co se událo.

– what can happen in the school?

– When you know the name of the story, what can happen with the desk?

– What kind of school is it? How old is the boy? Is he happy with his life? Is he satisfied with the school life?



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