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Podmínkové větyA

pracovní list



1. Make the first conditional:
a. Když bude pršet, zůstanu doma.
b. Nepůjdu do školy, když budu nemocný.
c. Když si budu číst, otevřu si knihu.
d. Když budeme u moře, budeme plavat.

2. Make the second conditional:
a. Kdyby pršelo, zůstal bych doma.
b. Kdybych byl nemocný, nešel bych do školy.
c. Kdybych si četl, otevřel bych si knihu.
d. Kdybychom byli u moře, plavali bychom.

3. Match :
If I won a lot of money                                                        I would buy a chocolate.
If I was hungry                                                                      I would fly to New York.
If there was a fire in my house                                           I would buy a big house.
If I had any job in the world                                               I would take my cat outside.
If I watched some film again                                              I would change my legs.
If I had a free air tiket                                                          I would choose Karel Got.
If I changed one part of my body                                       I would watch „Krteček“.
If I chose one famous person to have dinner with          I would be a teacher.

 4. Write short answers to the following questions.

Change your paper with your neighbour and ask him questions:
Would you buy…………………….., if you won a lot of money? …. if you were hungry?
Would you take ………………….., if there was a fire in your house?
Would you like to be a ……, if you could have any job in the world?
Would you watch film…….., if you could watch only one film again?
Would you travel to……….., if you had a free air ticket?
Would you change………….., if you could change one part of your body?
would you choose……………., if you could have dinner with one famous person?
Play the game Battle fighting:
If…. won a lot of money,(s)he would buy a castle.
If… was in a desert island,(s)he wouldn´t survive.
If.. spent time with Barack Obama,(s)he would talk to him.
If…went to Africa this summer,(s)he would buy a good sunscream.
If… found a wallet on the street, he would go to the police station.


PDF: Podminkove_vety_A

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Podmínkové větyA by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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